Cashew Lavender Milk

Almonds are probably the most popular nut for making non-dairy milk, however you can use almost any other nut, too. I really like Brazil nuts, walnuts, and pistachios, or a combination of a few different ones. 

Regardless of the nut, I always soak them first for at least 8 hours or overnight to release the natural phytates. Phytates are antinutrients that reduce the bioavailability of some of the minerals found in nuts and seeds. Soaking them in water with a few pinches of salt helps to break down some of the phytic acid and improve their absorption. Even for the nuts/seeds that don't have skins (like cashews), I still soak them which softens them up and makes them easier to blend (especially important if you don't have a high speed blender). 

Cashews are a great option for nut milk because you don't need to strain the liquid (score!) and they're naturally very sweet. You can add extra sweetener with honey or dates, but my favorite sweeteners are whole berries such as strawberries. Strawberry milkshake anyone?

I created this milk for a dear client in my attempts to offer something unique and delicious. If you don't have a lavender bush, take a walk around your neighborhood and find some (that's what I did!). 

Lavender Infused Cashew Milk 


  • 2 cups cashews, soaked overnight and rinsed thoroughly 
  • large bunch of fresh lavender 
  • Optional: sweetener of choice (coconut nectar, honey, dates, fresh berries) 
  • Optional: Honey Lavendar Yogi tea 
  1. For the lavender, break off the fragrant clusters at the tip of the stem (you know, the purple parts) and place them in a glass jar. The more you use, the stronger the taste will be. I used a pretty large bunch.
  2. Boil about 3 cups water and then steep the lavender for at least 20 minutes, longer if possible. 
  3. Next, add the soaked and rinsed cashews to a blender, plus 2.5 -3 cups of the lavender water. If you want a super creamy milk, add less water. 
  4. Blend on high until completely smooth. 
  5. Taste, then add sweetener of choice. 

Optional: Steep 2 bags of Honey Lavender tea (I've used Yogi brand) and use the tea in addition to the lavender water. This adds slightly more flavor and, depending on your taste, makes so that no sweetener is necessary. Imagine all other other teas you could use as a base for future nut milks...(Jasmine green tea almond milk?), have fun with it!