Gluten Free Flour Blend

If you're committed to that gluten-free life (optional, but highly recommended), check out this DIY gluten-free flour blend. 

There are plenty of ready-made gluten free flour mixtures on the market, such as King Arthur or Cup 4 Cup. I think these are great options, but when you make your own blend you can get more bang for your buck, especially if you buy flours from the bulk section.  

If you're new to GF baking, be aware that removing the gluten can often result in a less moist, or crumbly outcome. Gluten is what gives wheat/white flour elasticity, translating into soft, chewy cookies or fluffy breads and cakes. For this reason, some gluten free recipes call upon xanthum gum, which is a is thickening or stabilizing agent, often found in almond milk. It's not my favorite ingredient, because 1) it's super expensive and 2) for some people it can cause digestive upset.  

Some alternatives to xanthum gum include chia seeds, flax seeds, or psyllium husk powder. You can check out this resource for how to use each of these and other whole food options. 

When I made this gluten-free flour blend, I got most of the flours in the bulk section of my natural grocery store. If your grocery's bulk section doesn't carry these, Bob's Red Mill has them too. I put all the flours in a giant bowl and sifted. Then I transferred the mixture to an air tight jar. Now, when I get that unshakable urge for something bread-like or a special treat, I'll use a conventional recipe and replace the flour with this blend. In addition, I usually cut the sugar by at least 1/3, and use maple syrup or honey instead of white sugar, or coconut oil instead of butter. 

Gluten Free Flour Blend

  • 4 cups brown rice flour 
  • 2 cup sorghum flour 
  • 2 cup potato starch 
  • 1 cup tapioca starch 

*For every 1 cup of flour blend, add 1/2 tsp of stabilizing agent, such as flax seed, chia seed, or psyllium powder, as recommended above