As a busy mother who knows it is critical to teach healthy eating habits early…this class was great! Erica demonstrated quick and easy dishes that were not just yummy, but also nutritious. Attending the class has opened up my family to a more wholesome way of viewing the food we consume daily. I highly recommend Erica’s classes!
— Janeca J.

Cooking Parties

  • Cooking parties are an excellent bonding experience for coworkers! If you work with or manage a team of people, getting everyone in the kitchen and breaking bread together transfers camaraderie, communication, and good relations into the workplace. 

  • Hosting a birthday party or celebration, and looking for something fun? A healthy cooking class for your guests creates a novel experience for all to enjoy! 

Cooking Classes

Want to learn some of the basics? Cooking classes are excellent for larger groups to learn fundamentals of knife skills and cooking techniques. Participants watch demonstrations and taste all the food. Current themes available include 100% raw vegan foods (non-vegan themed classes also available):

  • Forget Cooking (Basics of Raw Foods)
  • Mexican Fiesta
  • Asian Fusion


Traveling Chef

  • Have you ever gone on vacation, only to find that you’ve gained weight, are experiencing cravings, and miss feeling your best? Have a specialized diet that you want to stick with while away from home? Allow me to create nourishing meals that will enhance your vacation experience from the inside out.
  • Hosting a retreat and looking for cleansing meals for your guests? Chef services available for small group retreats and getaways. 
I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Mexico with Chef Erica, where she was our personal holistic chef for seven days. I cannot express in words how impressed I am with her culinary skills and her as a person. Everything she made was absolutely mouth-watering delicious! Whether it was her Clean Green Smoothies, her Zucchini Hummus, her Gluten-Free Pancakes with Lemon Cashew Cream topping or her Marbella Chicken, everything was exquisite! Also, her presentation was stunning! She has a way of making even her homemade Gulten-Free Granola look beautiful! Finally, her bubbly, sweet personality was a joy to be around. Having Erica on our vacation was one of the highlights of our entire trip to Punta de Mita! I highly recommend Chef Erica to anyone traveling, that would like to maintain a healthy diet, yet feel like you are cheating because her presentations are so delicious! Whatever you hire Erica for, you will be thrilled with her amazing culinary expertise!
— Beatrice Cadize