Frequently Asked Questions


What do Holistic Nutrition Consultants do?

Holistic Nutritionists give advice about food and nutrition, as well as habits or lifestyle practices to help people be well. Holistic Nutritionists do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe. Instead, they question and investigate nutrient deficiencies, toxicities, or imbalances, then educate, guide, and motivate individuals on how to restore wellness. Holistic Nutritionists aim to restore a person’s health as a whole, which often includes more than just food. It also includes movement or exercise, stress relief, proper rest, emotional well being, relationships, life meaning and purpose, mind-body connection, and spiritual practice. 

Who might consider seeing a Nutrition Consultant? 

Anyone interested in using food and lifestyle to become their best self could benefit from seeing a Nutrition Consultant (NC). This could include individuals who want to lose weight, have more energy, reduce and eliminate cravings, experience mental clarity, optimize meal choices, learn how to plan and create balanced meals, etc. This could also include anyone who has been diagnosed with a condition by their doctor and would like to use nutrition as a means of support (i.e. Irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, food allergies, gluten sensitivity, etc.). 

Why is the first consultation so much longer than the following consultations?

The first time we meet we’ll take time to understand the several aspects that make you so unique. I will conduct a thorough health history to understand your past. Then we’ll explore your current social, emotional, spiritual, physical, and nutritional standing. We’ll then get clear on your intention and level of willingness to make changes. Each follow up meeting will range from 30-45 minutes. 

How soon can I expect to see results? 

This depends on several factors, including what your specific goal is, commitment and adherence level, and your own bioindividuality. We are all unique and our bodies (as well as mind and spirit) will all react differently. Many long term changes and encouraging results can be experienced with a minimum of 3-4 months. 

Do I have to be vegan to be healthy?

Absolutely not. As previously mentioned, bioindividuality is central to my practice. While some people thrive on 100% plant-based foods, others need more animal-based protein and fats. Furthermore, what works for someone at one point in time may not be optimal for his or her entire life. Different food choices work well for different people.