Before working with Erica I was worried about how sustainable changes were going to be, and worried that food changes were going to be rigid. I had been working out consistently and doing other self care practices, but these things weren’t working as well as I wanted, so I thought maybe there was something I could do nutritionally.

While working with Erica, I really loved being able to check in and get in touch with her at any moment. The constant feedback was great. Erica was completely nonjudgemental and I felt totally safe telling her about my love for ice cream! Her general knowledge about the whole30 program and personal experience was also fantastic.

After working with Erica, the biggest improvement in my wellness has been stable moods! I also now have no stomach issues, very rarely do I get headaches, and even with stress, I can handle it way better! My skin also improved, I lost weight (and inches). My clothes are fitting way better! No more pain in my joints either. I can now walk 11 miles and not feel sore the next day. Thanks Erica!
— Dhara R.
After working with Erica for four weeks, I feel so much better and lighter. Before, I wasn’t sleeping well, felt clogged and acidic, and was worried about my health. Now, I can sleep, I have energy when I go to the gym, and I have a newfound love for avocados! Overall, my bodily function is better, and I feel BETTER!
— Paul. C. S.
Erica guided me through 4 weeks of eye-opening and inspirational health coaching. There is an overwhelming amount of information about health out there and Erica broke it down in an easy, down-to-earth way that specifically addressed my personal needs and unique situation. She was positive, encouraging, and provided practical resources that allowed me to take tangible steps in improving my wellness. I came away from each session feeling like “I can do this!” Plus the weekly follow-ups confirmed the sessions and kept me inspired and on-track. Her style, organization, and knowledge were outstanding.
— Kelly Hoomes
I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Mexico with Chef Erica, where she was our personal holistic chef for seven days. I cannot express in words how impressed I am with her culinary skills and her as a person. Everything she made was absolutely mouth-watering delicious! Whether it was her Clean Green Smoothies, her Zucchini Hummus, her Gluten-Free Pancakes with Lemon Cashew Cream topping or her Marbella Chicken, everything was exquisite! Also, her presentation was stunning! She has a way of making even her homemade Gulten-Free Granola look beautiful! Finally, her bubbly, sweet personality was a joy to be around. Having Erica on our vacation was one of the highlights of our entire trip to Punta de Mita! I highly recommend Chef Erica to anyone traveling, that would like to maintain a healthy diet, yet feel like you are cheating because her presentations are so delicious! Whatever you hire Erica for, you will be thrilled with her amazing culinary expertise!
— Beatrice Cadize
It’s very clear Erica is extremely passionate about raw food. Her classes are super educational, practical for every day, and really fun. Two thumbs up all the way!
— Joyce Lee
The hardest part of travelling to another country with a large group is getting the energy and logistics together to organize meals for everyone. We traditionally hire local chefs or work with concierge companies, but frankly, they’ve always had a limited selection, would tend to nickel-and-dime us, and left us feeling underwhelmed for the prices they charged. Enter Chef Erica – who was fortunately available at the very last minute for a trip abroad. Erica coordinated quickly – within a day, she emailed our group, shared information about herself, and took time to learn everyone’s dietary requirements and preferences. And she quickly followed up with an adjustable meal calendar mapping out our entire stay; we’ve never felt this prepared before. On the very first day in a foreign country, she peeled off and made a grocery run to purchase all the fresh, organic, ingredients she needed for the week – all in a foreign language, and all within budget. Very impressive. Every meal was stellar, healthy, and we could not have been happier that she came along.
— Bijoy George
Erica’s Introductory Raw Food class was well worth my time and money. I came away with six recipes that I’m excited to make, ones that I think even my kids will enjoy. I also learned food prep techniques and nutritional tidbits that were extremely helpful. I was impressed with her organization and timing (started promptly and ended on time). Very professional. I also really like how she groups her classes according to food styles (Asian Fusion, Latino, etc.) and will definitely attend her classes in the future.
— Gina Grinis
I’ve always wanted to understand how to make delicious raw food. Today I learned how to make raw recipes that are so easy I know I can try them at home!
— Melanie Schoeppe
As a busy mother who knows it is critical to teach healthy eating habits early…this class was great! Erica demonstrated quick and easy dishes that were not just yummy, but also nutritious. Attending the class has opened up my family to a more wholesome way of viewing the food we consume daily. I highly recommend Erica’s classes!
— Janeca Jones
Erica’s Asian Fusion class was a really great and simple introduction to raw recipes. The food tasted complex but Erica simplified the process!
— Ruth Gubreyesus