Are you going to the gym, but not seeing changes in your body?

Want to make consistent, healthy food decisions?

Interested in connecting with other people for healthy eating support and accountability?

Join the True Wellness Group! 


Similar to the way you see your personal trainer or attend a fitness class weekly, a monthly membership to the True Wellness Group aims to provide consistent nutrition services that will keep you focused, accountable, and inspired in building your own true wellness lifestyle. Founded at Oakland Fitness Company, this unique membership includes:  

Nutrition Guide: Receive a 74 page hard copy guide that will lay the foundation and serve as a starting place for your eating decisions. Complete with recipes, FAQ's, scientific explanations, and more, the guide will be your go-to source for almost everything you need to get started. 

Personal Healthy History Evaluation and Goal Setting: Begin with an in-depth exploration of family history, childhood diet, current lifestyle, and other significant factors that create a whole picture of you. Also create monthly goals to focus on your actions and harness motivation. (In-person or over the phone)

Weekly Personal Check-In's: Receive individualized support, guidance, and accountability via email. Name exactly what your obstacles are, then receive actions steps each week to succeed. 

Community Support: Connect with other individuals who are also dedicated to long-term wellness and optimal diet. Members will connect via a private Facebook group/WhatsApp group. By sharing your own experiences, you will help others. In the same way, others will motivate and inspire you. Grow together, no matter where you are in your journey. 

Monthly Themes: Each month we'll focus on a specific topic or theme. After practicing a new habit or intention for at least 30 days, you'll be more likely to continue it for the long-term. Monthly theme examples (subject to change):

  • September 2015 - Whole30 REAL FOOD challenge. An entire 30 days of squeaky clean eating with no slips, no cheats, and no excuses. The perfect time to recommit to your health goals, especially before the holidays! 
  • October 2015 - Re-introducing potential allergen-causing foods + Seasonal Fall eating 
  • November 2015 - Surviving the Holidays 
  • December 2015 - 21 Day Challenge TBD!


Benefits + Why it Works

Economical: Receiving nutritional support via a group membership gives you a better rate than one-on-one services. Single consultations begin at $65/each ($260 total for 4x's/month) compared to a fraction of the price for group membership ($25 each/ $100 total for 4x's/month

Individual Consultations: $65 each, or $260 for 1 month (4 sessions)  

True Wellness Group: $25 each, or $99 for 1 month 

Ongoing Education: Whether in your health journey or life in general, never stop learning. Meetings will have various areas of focus, allowing you to zero-in on how to realistically implement healthy habits and strategies. 

Holistic Strategies: We'll focus on realistic ways to practicing healthy living. There's no one-size-fits-all approach. Stress reduction, optimal sleep, and social connection are all part of the deal. Continuously try new strategies and build your own true wellness lifestyle. 

Real Food: Get started with plans and recipes based on whole, simple foods. 

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Normal pricing: $99 / month 

September 2015 SPECIAL: $75

(no commitment necessary, just try it out!)